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Hi everyone, I'm new here so hopefully this is in the correct section. My crohn's is well under control. I've not had a flare up in years. My health seems pretty solid at the moment. Never really had toilet trouble since the beginning around 8-9 years ago. I'm 33 male and in pretty decent shape. My problem is as soon as I stop. Work or fitness. Or even on a relaxing day. As soon as I stop to watch some TV. Eyes heavy falling asleep. It's really bugging me now I'm a movie guy and can't sit through a whole movie anymore. I go through cycles almost. 3-4 months at a time where I can stay up all night almost and then cycles of can barely sit up past 6pm. This cycle seems to last forever. Does anyone have suggestions?

Another problem I have is bleeding gums through my crohn's. I'm fairly certain it's not a dental problem but my crohn's. Any suggestions on this?

Thanks for any help you can give me

Lady Organic

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!
Do you have regular dentist visits? What does the dentist think? Bleeding or inflamed (red swollen) gums are common in people who do not floss on a daily basis, IBD or not.
For your fatigue state, how's your lifestyle and level of stress in general, low or high? Mental stress/burden/overload is common and can cause lots of somatic issues.
Have you been checked for your level of Vitamin B12 in your blood test? This is a common cause for fatigue for people with IBD.
Lots of us are lacking and need supplements. I get B12 injection every 2 months.
Silly question, but is the quality of your sleep good? Insomnia affects millions of people and may be irrelevant to the fact that you have CD. If you're told you snore, or are heavyset, chances are you could have a (fixable) sleep disturbance issue.

Go see a dentist about your gums.