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To Conceive Or Not To Conceive?

Hello Ladies!

Im very happy to read about how many of you have beautiful healthy children!
When I was first diagnosed I was very concerned about not being able to have children.
I'm in remission right now and I feel like maybe I should try to have a baby while Im still feeling well. Im torn though, because I also really want to change careers and that will require going back to school. And I know I can't do both.
Did anybody else feel a sort of pressure to have have kids while still in remission?
Any stories or advice is appriciated thnx~Niki:ysmile:
Hi. I have two healthy kids. I had my fistula with when my first was born vaginally but it was before I was diagnosed so they let me do it. It all worked out. Then I was diagnosed at the same time I became preggo with the second and because of this they made me have a C-section. Again, all worked out and I was scared to death of the surgery. The pregnancy actually put me in remission. I breastfeed both for 9 months until the pain in my tummy was too much to bare and then went on humara and switched her to a bottle.

Good luck!
Good luck to you. Don't let Crohns rule your life. I will mention that my first ended up being IVF but my second was a surprise only 9 months later... so you never know what life holds for you.
I did feel a little pressure to have my daughter when I did, because I'd been healthy for so long. But, ultimately, it turned out to be a good time to do it for other reasons too. We actually were thinking of conceiving again this year, but it turns out I'm in a flare right now, so we will probably put it off another year, because steroids and sickness are probably going to make me miss the "window" of time that would have worked for us for other reasons. Grr.

I really sympathize - I feel like women already have so many things to think about when planning families (careers, personal finances, etc) that having to worry about whether you'll also be healthy when everything else is in place just makes it so much harder. All I can say is that having a baby IS worth all of the tough time you have making these decisions. Despite how hard it has been at times, she has enriched our lives in so many ways.

You mentioned that you didn't think it would be possible to go back to school and have a baby. It may or may not help you to know that I had my daughter while I was in grad school (and I'm still in grad school - Ph.D.s take a while to get haha). I actually thought that being a student was a great time to have a baby, because people were generally more flexible than in the corporate world with work time (I have an assistantship that pays my tuition and a small yearly stipend) and with school work (classes, etc). I also had her in the summer, so that helped with the first couple of months as well, since I had fewer responsibilities during that time. Financially, it can be tough if you have to pay for childcare, though, but I was lucky enough to have a husband who worked part-time for her first year and then had a full-time job that could pay for some part-time childcare this year. If you want to talk more about this, I would love to, so shoot me a message anytime if you want.

I'm not sure if this helps at all. I wish you all the best with figuring out what will work best for you. I'm so glad you're feeling well right now, too :)
I got pregnant with my second child while having a flare, all was ok had a natural birth and she is fit as a fiddle.

Hope all goes well for you x