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To work or not to work

Hi Guys,

I've read some threads on Crohnies who have had to leave work. I was on LTD after my last surgery in May 2011 because I was in the hospital for 2 months dealing with complications and I was in a really bad place. I decided to go back to work in December because I was feeling better, but now I feel awful again. I don't want to go back on LTD because I hated the phone calls and constant questions. It would be seriously tight if I left work, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't feel better. Now I have seriously high triglycerides and the medicine is making me sick.

Basically, has anyone decided to leave work and found that it made a really positive long-term difference? Was it scary to take that plunge?

Any thoughts/advice you could give would be appreciated!!


I have not done it per say. I was working and studying at the same time so needless to say that with active crohn it was over what I could actually keep up with so I made the choice to leave work (made the choice... not quite, my employer would not let me work only a day a week which was the most I could have done at the time). It did help me for a while, but I don't know if it can be a good idea on the long term....

I think it really depends on how you feel when you are not involved with work. I mean, I know that if I have too long off of work and school, I get bored big time after a certain time and I don't think that would be better for my health(mental) than being sick (crohn) and working. So I think it is something to consider before making the decision.

Is there any way you could take a leave for a few months for health reason and keep your position? (I don't know what the law is in the US, but here, if a you have a paper, they can't fire you if it is stated that you to be off work for a specific period of time and you get sickness benefits if the conditions is important enough).

And concerning the medication making you sick, is there anything else to be tried? I hate when it comes to the point were the treatment side effects are just as bad as the disease itself... Makes you feel like it's a dead end...

Anyway, it was just my two cents. I hope you will figure out something to make your condition better in a near future.
I did not comeback to work after being on LTD. I am now on SSD and feel a lot less stress not have to deal with work related issues and can just concentrate on my health.
I volunteer at the local animal shelter and local hospital when I feel ok and attend many support group meetings on regular basis.
I got really bored and socially isolated while on LTD, but once I went back to work, my health took a really bad plunge. Now I'm wondering if stress and lack of rest is the reason that I'm flaring again. The only time I get to really spend time with my kids and husband is the weekends and I spend those in bed to rest up for so I won't have to take any time off from work.
Does it have to be all or nothing? I am going back to work part time tomorrow. I have been on LTD since last July. I find that I need something to do. Is part time a possibility? I will also be working from home, which is another thing that I think will keep me from getting too stressed and tired out.


For me, it's all about "pushing." When I push myself, I can do good things and I enjoy that success. When I get pushed around, I get stressed and anxious and I am not successful. I find a career a big balancing act between these two kinds of pushing.
Im newly diagnosed, not responding to treatment yet and already have had substantial time off work due to my crohns symptoms and adjusting to medication. I work full time and develop health projects over two different companies - quite demanding and ever changing work. Its a catch 22 - work makes me tired, stressed and this affects my illness....however without work I isolate myself, feel miserable and focus all my attention and worry on my illness.

However after a week on the sick recently Ive accepted that if I dont start to improve I may need to leave my job and maybe look at a part time position to allow myself the time to fully recover. Then this makes me worry about finances - Im not currently eligible for any employment benefits - so my health may improve but I would then have to face financial worries.

Its such a difficult position to be in and there is no easy option - but ultimately you will know your body, your signs, your work better than anyone. Go with your gut (pun intended!)