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I told my CLOSE friends that I have crohns when I got it. I told them main symptoms etc blah blah but they still are amazed when I say I'm in pain or I'm too sick to do this or that cuz people just don't get it. Anyway I'm starting to have them over more. They're not around me all the time but I tell them how I'm feeling a lot of the time etc :/

I use toilet bowel cleaner but it doesn't get the stains off the top of the rip IN the toilet above the water line! What should I use? above the top of the rim no toilet cleaner will clean it even though I scrub it and wait blah blah it doesn't work! What should I use? Don't say bleach.....bleach is in toilet cleaner!

Even scrubbing bubbles couldn't get the stain!!!!!


How long do you leave it before cleaning? If I notice any marks I just use wet toilet paper and it comes right off, but like I said I don't let it sit there. What brand of toilet bowl cleaner do you use? There is a huge difference between some. I used CLR cleaner on the bottom of the toilet from stains that sat for years and it came right off, but I think with CLR the purpose is to let it sit for a little..

Have you tried using a magic eraser?


Magic Erasers (hand held) work amazing. they're like little sponges but they work wonders. I know the name brand is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but I'm sure you could find a store brand somewhere. I would try that over the CLR just because it's probably cheaper.

And next time don't wait and let it sit and build up! lol