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Tolerable iron supplements?

I am tired of being tired. Due to allergic reaction to my go iron infusion I now take a weaker one that takes 8 separate infusions over a 3-4 week period... and I need this about three times a year... so 24 infusion (plus 2 transfusions this year as I didn't get in soon enough). What have you tolerated as a supplement that might at least give me a bigger break between infusions? My crohn's is concentrated at the terminal ileum and in the past oral supplements have caused too much constipation... but haven't tried in 10+ years.... anything new out there with less side effects?
My son was very low in iron at one time. Not sure if we are allowed to mention names of brands but here it goes - Mega Foods makes an iron supplement called Blood Builder that isn't constipating and made with wholesome ingredients. Also it includes Vita C for better absorption.