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Tomato sauce no seeds

I use a metal strainer on sauces from the supermarket. I've also made my own - there is a simple trick to removing the seeds when you make sauce:

1. Cut a small "X" in the bottom of a tomato
2. Put the tomato into boiling water for 30 seconds
3. Drop immediately into ice water to stop any cooking until cook
4. Peel the tomato from the "X"
5. Cut in half and dig out the seeds with your finger (rinse with cold water)

Best of luck!
A food mill ("passatutto") also works very well for not just tomatoes, but lots of other foods with small seeds or bits.

I bought a French one ("Moulinex" -- it's a brand name but used in general, like "Kleenex" is for tissues) for about $14 at Winners a few years ago, and a metal one (better quality, but it was a gift) from Italy for about $25 at an Italian grocery store.

These things are worth every penny! If you put beans through it, it separates out the skins from the interior part, making the creamiest-ever bean soup that causes next to no gas! (Lectin, the gas-causing part of the beans, is only present in the bean skins).