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Yes, Grace and her dad. My hubby won't admit it. Loves his pizza to much. lol

Also tomatoes can be very acidity for some people. So it might not be a true allergy it could just be the acid.

Also my mom can't do tomatoes.

my little penguin

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also realize if he is generally feeling poorly it may not be tomatoes at ALL.
true food "stuff" intolerance allergy etc is repeatable.
so I would see what your doc wants you to do
and keep a food diary to see if there is a pattern.
I made spag bol other night and his tummy was sore afterwards and about an hour ago Kian and his friend were playing dares and Kian had to do a shot of tomato ketchup (yuk)....few mins after he was complaining of sore tum so made me think, could be tomatoes. x


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My husband, with no crohns, also often (not always) has problems with tomatoes... he has acid reflux problems and feels its the acidity from the tomato.
I was told in the hospital not to eat tomatoes nor mushroom when I got crohn's disease, they explained why but I forgot the part about the tomatoes. The mushrooms is because they are one of the most indigestible food substances people eat, you gain almost no nutritious value form them.

I looked up why they told me not to eat tomatoes once but I can only find studies that say tomatoes are a good anti-inflammatory because of the high amount of lycopene in them (which gives them their red color). Studies are only paid to find the good stuff in food substances though, they're not paid to tell tomatoes are bad for you, you don't get another grant from the food industry or from the probiotic industry if you say something doesn't work, or worse, it makes people sick, that's your last grant you'll get. So I avoid tomatoes, I don't like them really, same with spaghetti sauce.
A had an allergy test a few years back where she tested positive for a tomato allergy. We avoided them for a year and then retested and it was negative. We never noticed that tomatoes made her feel ill but we avoided them just in case. She eats them now though and loves them.
Jack - No but that kid would put ketchup on his ketchup. But hubby with Crohn's can't do tomatoes or red sauce always sets his tummy off.
If you buy into the FODMAP theory it might be the onions and garlic in the Bolognese sauce and ketchup causing problems. Onions are high in fructans which can be hard for people to digest. According to the FODMAP diet onions and garlic, even in minute quantities, should be avoided. I haven't bought totally into the diet but it does seem to have some merit. Interestingly I have terrible acid reflux if I eat onions or garlic.
My son seems to be ok with tomato products (he won't eat a fresh tomato), but he doesn't like a lot of ketchup/tomato sauce anyway... From the sound of it, maybe that's a good thing!
Josh can't eat pizza due to the tomato base, though manages ketchup okay.

I have found when he is flaring he CAN'T eat any tomato based products at all, including ketchup.