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Tomorrow is coming!

:frown:Okay, so I just drank the heinous bowel prep for the very last time--I must say that it feels wonderful saying! I swear I have just drank liquid Draino---my small intestine is going up in flames---so here comes the large intestine. I do no solid foods for 2-3 days--then a ten ounce bottle of magnesium citrate followed by 4 laxative pills. It is awful. I also am eating Zofran like candy so I don't get the dry heaves--ya know the kind that you barf bile and rip every muscle you have in your tummy and back? So I am trying to be brave--but find myself a bit teary. Did I tell you that I also have a Christmas Program to go to tonight? It's strange to think I will have no colon or rectum and an ileostomy this time tomorrow. Just venting! I'm ready to be done and recovered and home with the kids. Impatient. Thanks for listening! :rosette1: Snap
Good luck snap!!! I was SO lucky that I didn't need any bowel prep before my surgery. It probably would of finished me off.. it used to drain me mentally.

You'll be great though. I love my non-colon body and I actually feel like my old usual self already and I'm not even 3 months post op yet. Please don't try and rush your recovery though! I did with myself and beat myself up when I was still on pain killers 4 weeks post op. But then all of a sudden I felt better and everything was upwards from there. Good luck. Please update us when you can :)


Snap, may I give you my utmost understanding and hugs.. You are a brave young lady. The prep is horrendous. As if being scared enough of the surgery isnt enough, they put you through the prep!

Please keep us updated when you can. Recovery time isnt fun, but when you look at the life ahead of you without the pain and trouble, it's just something to get through.

Can I confess Snap?? They talk of resectioning me someday. I am seriously considering having a panproctoletomy rather than that, so I need no longer continue to go through this all again and again. That is how much better life with a 'bag' has been. Someday soon, you will probably say the same.

May your surgery be quick, may your pain be minimal, may the rest of your life be joyful and full of fun.
Hey Snap

Wishing you all the very best for your surgery. It seems to me that you're as well prepared for the surgery as you can be...onward and upward!

I hope the surgery goes superdeeduper great, and that we'll hear from you in no time!

Big hugs,

Thanks so much everyone---I'll keep you updated ASAP. AS for your confession, Misty young lady---you do what feels right for YOU! Thanks again everyone---talk soon!
Hugs and stuff---Snap