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Tonsils Are Killing Me...

Fellow crohnies,

Have any of you had problems with your tonsils? Meaning they have become inflammed numerous times throughout the year? I have been to the doc several times this year and am about to return once again. The antibiotics are not working. So I am thinking removal. But, am currently on Remicade and Imuran at the moment. What a joy.
I had mine removed in 2007 I think? I had multiple bouts of strep throat while I was on Humira and Imuran together. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I haven't had strep throat since. They would get very inflamed and really big, was hard to swallow and was very painful before I had them removed.
That is exactly what I am going through at the moment. This will be the fourth time since July. I just got done with a round of antibotics and they don't do the trick anymore.

Did you have yours removed the ole fashioned way? Meaning the knife, lol. I read somewhere that they may now use a laser or something similiar. How long was your recovery? Is it as painful as I have read? Im freaking out here. Don't know why. I have had some major open surgery for my crohns. I can't imagine any worse pain that that.
I had mine removed 2 years ago and ironically it helped to finally get my crohn's diagnosis. Since I couldn't eat post surgery, I essentially went on bowel rest that when my scabs had healed well enough to eat, I ended up with serious GI issues...several weeks later crohn's confirmed via biopsies.

As far as pain, yes it is painful but the length of time for the intense pain has been worth it as I have not had any sore throat issues in 2 years!!!! Mine were done with laser/cauterizing.

A few hints-stay hydrated...the more you drink (even if it is painful) the less pain you will have. Don't stop taking pain meds if you feel ok(stay on time for the pain meds) as it's better to keep the pain in control. Have a humidifier going near you at all times. The first 3-5 days are the worst especially the referred pain in the ears. Find hand warmers you can heat in the microwave and place them on your ears to reduce the pain- the warm moist heat really helps - I would tuck these under sides of an eye mask to hold them in place...you'll look crazy but it really does help!!!

Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.