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Too Long


Its been too long since I've posted anything on here. I'm laying here in bed after another night with no sleep.

Here's an update

My "insurance" I did have stopped as of 12/31/10. The reason given to me in March 0f 2011, the underwriter that was carrying me dropped everyone. The BEST part? No one told me anything. Until I got a call from a doctor trying to get insurance info from the company who said that I should call them. Fabulous right? The only good news? My GI wrote off my last colonoscopy. The findings? After a year of heavy pred use my Crohn's has mostly healed. Yea! The bad news? I can't afford the 6mp at the dose I need to take anymore so now I am on Imuran. Can't afford the Asacol anymore so I had to stop taking that all together. Now for the past few weeks I've been up at nights dealing with a gut that won't shut up, won't leave me be and endless nights of bathroom trips.

I swear I want to just start drinking it all away. But if I do that? The meds I take could severely react with it. I drank rum tonight. Didn't take my meds though. I'm just getting more tired. One thing that has been missing has been my friends from here that at least understand what I have to go through. I catch up with some on facebook but even then it sucks. I at least returned to church last Sunday on Easter. That was nice.

I've been out of the loop now with my friends for so long because I had to move home, I feel even worse. No job, No money, and I live with my folks. Nothing like being 32 and living with mom and dad. :frown: I get to the point of saying you know I'm feeling better and some how I always get trapped again. I've been eating kinda safely, but still I miss so much. I gained so much weight with the damn prednisone, nothing I do seems to help. I eat once a day when I feel like eating and then I don't eat for a day, then I eat all day. Its like my system is so screwed up that when I try to fix it, something else breaks.

I miss being normal. I mean at my last job I was a territory manager. I ran the Tacoma/ Seattle market. District managers reported to me. I worked 12 hour days and loved it! Now I'm reduced to looking for something part time because I don't know how my butt will handle it. I can't do the traveling anymore. I had done virtually the same thing for the past 12 years. I haven't worked in almost two years. Good days are great. Bad days turn into weeks.

Thanks for the vent. Even though I'm probably a stranger to most of you on here now.


Hi Mike - Nice to see you again, but sorry to hear things are so sucky!!!

I hope you can find a job that works for you in your current situation. I hope you can find something with insurance so you can get the meds you need. Have you looked into Medicaid or disability?

Hang in there, buddy. We're here for you, and we understand!

- amy
Mike...that sucks. I would try contacting the companies that make the medications you need. Sometimes they will give you a major discount. Also, some GI docs have a cabinent filled with samples. If your doc is cool...you could ask him for some samples. Also...I don't know about you...but my state has a safety net insurance for people in your shoes. Find out if any of the state/federally run hospitals in your area have similar programs.

Dr. S (spouse of a Crohn's sufferer)

P.P.S. You can cross the border to Canada...see a doc there and maybe get them cheaper.


Mike, I believe you should be able to get some help with meds from state/fed. I am sorry, I've not lived in the states for 12 years now, but it seems to me there must be some help for people in your situation. I know that even if you found a job, the insurance company could make you wait for a year before it kicks in. My GI in Arkansas back in the day gave me tons of samples because I couldnt pay for asacol either. That was back before they knew what was wrong with me even. Surely he could help you out, or even point you in the direction of financial assistance for your condition? How about medical charities? (do they have those in your area?)

This is a temporary setback for you in your life, you will come out of this!! Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's there.

I wish you well!!!