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Too much pain and surgeries

Hi peeps
I hope everyone is doing well today, as for myself I am a father of one 24 year old boy/ man Lol but did have two boys and the oldest passed away from a drug overdose on Dec 23rd of 2017, I am married happily to my wife Patty for 18 years and could not do this without her!! I have been suffering from Crohns for 34 years now, I have had 13 bowel resections and currently on Entivio infusions for the last 5 months. My surgeon moved a lower loop of bowel last surgery and placed it near the top and since then I suffer from shortness of breath quite often and more so when I’m bloated, also the most severe when my stomach is having a crohns attack. Maybe someone gets the same problem, shortness of breath and severe bloat.
Thanks everyone hope this wasn’t too long, or too short!