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Too tight clothes cause flare?

I wore some bathing suit bottoms last week that are too tight. They press right at my belly button. They aren't skin tight, just somewhat uncomfortable. This type of thing has always put me into a flare; cramps, diarrhea, nausea, lethargy. Actually it was that I wore them TWO days in a row that threw me into this flare. Once wouldn't have done it. I'm smacking myself now!:ybatty:

I'm just wondering....anyone else have this reaction to clothing that presses on your belly?
Just like anything in this world, many different things can cause you flare ups. Clothing if too tight, can cause you major discomfort and start off pains in your stomach.

It's a possibility, well in your case, yeah.

Not personally experienced it as my stomachs kind of tender anyway so wouldn't risk anything like that.
Ever since I started getting my Crohn's symptoms I couldn't deal with things being too tight across my stomach, a lot of the time if something felt too tight, stretching it away often made it feel better. Might be psychological, but probably not with how sore/sensitive our insides probably are from Crohn's.

Since I've lost so much weight it's not really been hard to wear loose clothing, but starting to put a bit of weight back on again. So I am watching out for things feeling too tight. I certainly think it can contribute to a flare for some people.
I would have said no way ... but with this disease I dont know anymore - everything's possible.
Try to put back things under control asap, decide to never wear it agai (regardless if this was the cause or not) and move on.

Fell well soon.
I also have a ton of intestinal adhesions so I'm sure these are aggravated too. I'd think if Crohn's responds to psychological stress it would also respond to physical stress.

Thanks everyone.
I would have said no way ... but with this disease I dont know anymore - everything's possible.
Try to put back things under control asap, decide to never wear it agai (regardless if this was the cause or not) and move on.

Fell well soon.
It's to the point where, any factor can play a role in an individual's flare up. It's just so unpredictable and unexplainable, the joys of having IBD.


I think it absolutely aggravates having pressure on existing problem but would say I don't see any reason it would induce a flare.
I've been wondering the same thing. Looks like I'm wearing a comfy maxi skirt instead of tight jeans tonight. Thanks for the validation!
I am completely on board with noguts - it shouldn't cause the flare, but I know for me it can certainly lead to really unpleasant days. I too have gone to larger waist sizes because of it. I absolutely believe that if you have a small narrowing, it will certainly make it feel worse. I normally feel a great sense of relief when I undo the button on the pants to release some of the pressure.
I totally believe tight clothes could cause a flare up. I use to wear my jeans tight before Crohns. Now I do leggings,dresses or skirts! Feel better!
I don't think it could necessarily cause a flare, but if you have internal symptoms that aren't felt yet, tight clothing could make you feel the symptoms sooner than you already would. I know when I wear tight clothes, I have more pain and diarrhea than I would otherwise, but they've never caused any symptoms that weren't already there.

Either way, I'm all for dressing the most comfortable way possible. I doubt I'll ever wear pantyhose again!
I'm with Brooklyn; I wear tight clothes on the regular when in remission or not pregnant. It's likely you already had the inflammation and the tight clothes exacerbated the pain and made it more noticeable.
I have this same problem. I get flareups through diet, mental and physical stress including clothing that is tight in the waist. I'm constantly trying to find something to wear that looks stylish and comfortable but can't go to work in athletic wear. Physical stress like exercise (especially that engages my abdominal muscles) causes problems as well. Can cause inflammation from 3-5 days up to a week :( I totally get it. It took me a while to narrow down this (yet another) trigger.
Same here. Before my resection due to strictures I'm sure it has caused an (partial) obstruction or 2, I haven't worn anything tight for at least 10 years!
I dare to be slightly less careful now but I still wear maternity panty hose, charming.

I also can't do abdominal exercises or sit crouched on the floor for longer than 10 minutes or so, I can just feel things knotting up.
It seems like tight clothing is likely to put mechanical pressure against your gut and depending on the sensitivity of your enteric nervous at any given time (based on current inflammation and functional status for instance), it could activate different enteric nervous system neurons. Hyperactivation of the enteric nervous system could lead to increase in firing and inflammation at the level of the gut which could trigger the brain-gut axis activating a cascade of the immune, endocrine and neuronal pathways that lead to a flare. It seems to me, based on my personal experience, experiences of others and my knowledge of the human body and brain that anything that hyperactivates/sensitizes the neurons in the enteric nervous could potentially lead to a flare. But the stimuli that could cause a flare would depend on the type of stimuli (anxiety/stress, physical pressure, molecules at the level of the gut lumen which can include inflammatory ones or food, but the list of potential stimuli goes on and on), intensity of the stimulus, the enteric nervous system's sensitivity to different stimuli (which can be changing frequently). Because our enteric nervous systems are unique to each of us (they have their own history of activity, exposures and functioning), I think that is why we can all have so many different symptoms, respond differently to stimuli and treatment and experience the symptoms differently. That is why most of us have developed various mechanisms to minimize our symptoms (some people avoid certain foods, some people avoid certain psychological stressors, some people avoid certain activities and any other combo of these) that are specific to our own systems responses. Sorry for the rambling response, I have just been thinking about the enteric nervous system a lot.
My two cents - of course any adhesions will be aggrevated by tight or binding clothes.
However, at least in my case, I become so aware of how I am breathing and the constriction in tight clothes that I become uncomfortable and stressed which causes my digestive system to be upset.

For me, if I am uncomfortable in what I am wearing, it stresses me out and we all know what happens then.......

Interestingly, I normally get around this by wearing skinny jeans(not too skinny though as I have chicken legs :ylol:) and a loose fitting top.

Fortunately it is fashionable:thumleft:

Naturally, it also depends on whether I am having an episode or not before I put on the tight jeans - it makes a huge difference