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Total Proctocolectomy possibly postponed due to rectal abcess

Hi Everyone! So, I just had unexpected surgery yesterday to drain a rectal abcess again (second time). I am scheduled for a total proctocolectomy July 19th. Fingers are crossed that this doesn't set anything back because I am ready to move on. 23 years of fighting this thing and I've had enough. Crohn's-1, Amy-0!

Thank you all for the support on this forum. Without you I don't know if I could keep my head up through all this. You all are so helpful and supportive. Although it's not fair for anyone to have to go through this, it is nice to know I'm not alone. :)

Thank you again!
Ugh sorry you had to postpone! I don't know what I would have done if they had postponed my surgery, I was ready!

Hope they get all that nasty stuff out of there and you are able to move on.


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Oh Amy, I'm so sorry to hear this...boo!

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed hun that all goes ahead according to plan...


Much love, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Man, I would have gone insane with a surgery being postponed. I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this. Hang in there.
My surgery is still on for the 19th. I saw a cardiologist yesterday and she put me on a 48hr holter monitor to be sure. Going to check my thyroid too. I think the racing heartbeat is just anxiety and stress. I mean, who doesn't get anxious about a major surgery coming up, right?
I'm getting a second iron infusion Friday in prep for the surgery then get the weekend to wait. I think I'll have a "End of my Colon Party!" to help take my mind off it. Anyone in the south jersey area is welcome to join! lol


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Fab news Amy! Well you know what I mean...:lol:

Everything, and I mean everything, remains crossed for event free surgery and a smooth, speedy recovery.

:goodluck: Hun, I will be thinking about you.

Much love, :hug:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx