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Totally confused!

I have had "tummy issues" of one sort or another my entire life... sometimes diahrea, sometimes constipations, bloating, gas, sometimes its hard to "go" but the stool is loose or watery, mucus in stool, blood in stool... and so on. A couple of hours after I eat I notice a lump in the lower right quadrant near where the ileum is, which gradually goes away. I have had a colonoscopy and was told I tested negative for Crohn's, cancer, and several forms of colitis... but there were a few ulcers present. (Right after my colonoscopy I was told there was lots of scar tissue present, and just a couple of ulcers that appeared to be healing). The doctor said I just had IBS, but I thought IBS didn't cause ulcers and that it was mainly neurological. Obviously the ulcers are not there for no reason... man, am I at the end of my rope! I cant even pass gas without having to sit on the toilet, sometimes cant leave my house, and I am sick of being sick. Although I usually don't have serious pain, the gas and bloat is a really miserable feeling... I have been found to have some small gall stones as well, but otherwise my gall bladder appears within normal range as far as size, and functions normally. I don't feel nausea and actually, my appetite is huge and I almost feel malnourished... often feel like I am starving half to death and need to eat even when feeling miserable... go figure, the only thing I can eat without my stomach bloating until I look 8-months pregnant is fruit and vegetables, which I think is really weird... I thought those things make most people with IBD and similar issues worse! Parasite tests came back negative. What else could cause these ulcers and symptoms?:poo:
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Hi Zoey
I'm sorry to hear you are having these issues. I'm not a doctor obviously, but I don't think that IBD causes intestinal ulcers. I would be unhappy too if I'd been told I had ulcers but not what the cause was. I think your best bet would be to see if you can see another doctor for a second opinion.


Hi, Zoey!

Could you possibly see a new doctor?

IBD definitely does cause ulceration, and IBS definitely does not. Additionally, IBS doesn't cause blood in your bowel movements. You really need to find out what is causing that and get it taken care of.

I'm sorry - I don't know much about other causes of intestinal ulcers. A google search says anemia and bacterial infections can cause them. Stress, alcohol consumption, and NSAID use don't cause ulcers on their own but can worsen them if they're already present.

In your situation, I would absolutely try to see a different doctor. You need answers! :hug: