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TPN at home - anyone been on it (total Parenteral Nutrition)

If so, other than the nutritional benefits, did it help your Crohn's in any way?

Any tips anyone can give for Home TPN?

Thanks to all.

I had TPN while in the hospital. I improved and did not have to come home with it. TPN gives the gut a rest and that is good for Crohn's. The nutrition will make you feel better. The symptoms of Crohn's will quieten down. At least, this is what it did for me.

I know that when it was discussed that I would be discharged on TPN, a nurse was scheduled to come in 2X a day for a while and then 1X a day. There is not a need for a "pole". I was supposed to be able to go to work with no problems with the TPN.

It really made a tremendous difference for me.