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Tpn before surgery

Due to complications with small bowel obstructions due to strictures caused by crohns and then a full crohns flare before surgery - my spouse has been put on TPN for 12 hrs a day. It seems to be doing its job and helping him recover from the flare and rest his bowels.

He's allowed to have small amounts of water or ice, or Popsicles and hard candy or gum to help with hunger feelings. He's tired of jolly ranchers and peppermint a - any suggestions?
butterscotch disc ~ could he have a snow cone ;)
I can't remember getting anything while on tpn. Then again it is such a blur....

Hope he gets better soon.
I was only allowed to have water and I wasn't even hungry after a day or two. I also didn't watch TV for the duration, because the food commercials would have driven me crazy!:tongue:
The first thing i ate once off it was a tiny square of chocolate, it melted in my mouth and got rid of the taste of ickiness. i could always taste/smell rubbing alcohol when my tube was flushed. i am overly sensitive though...

My thoughts are with you both ;)
I remember those days for my daughter. It was hard. We did gum and found the ones that had sorbitol aggravated her. Sugar free candy sticks that come in all different flavors like root beer , peppermint, lemon, etc helped to deal with cravings. Also it sounds weird but watching the food network helped.


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So many people, like me, watch the food networks lol. I have a fructose and sweetener allergy, so know how it feels. I do have boiled mints though. At least its something. I hope all goes well with his crohns treatment.