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Tramadol for pain relief?

Hi, all. New here, just starting to post. My 12-year-old is currently hospitalized with acute pancreatitis from Remicade. They are working on getting her pain under control. They initially gave her morphine and Toradol when we were admitted and are now giving her Tylenol around the clock. For release, they are suggesting sending her home with Tramadol as long as she continues to take a capful of Miralax a day. She is still in quite a bit of pain from not only the pancreatitis but also the flare she is in. Pain is consistently an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Has anyone taken Tramadol for pain relief for IBD? She has indeterminate IBD.

my little penguin

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So things I can tell you
Abdominal Pain will be bad until the flare is under control
My kiddo was dx at age 7 (now 17)
He also takes a capful of miralax a day and has since age 7
Are they putting her on steriods to control the ibd flare or formula only (exclusive enteral nutrition-een)?
Both are used in kids to get flares under control until the maintenance meds kick in
Ds has done both
Een is hard but only until the bigger med kicks in (entyvio takes a very very long time )
Older kids can due ng tube at night and pull it in the morning
Most get quite good
Or just drink Pediasure /peptamen jr or peptide
Better than steriods for side effects
But fir some kids een us too hard and steriods are a better option

Water filled heating pads
Mindfulness techniques (calm app)
Tens unit ( hospital can give you )
Warm bath

my kiddo is allergic to tramadol (given for arthritis flare pain ) so I can’t say how effective it is for ibd