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Transitioning off a vegan diet

Does anyone have experience transitioning off a vegan diet with Crohn's?

I've been vegan for approx 4 year but I would now like to include more fish and eggs. Thing is I'm not long off pred and am currently waiting on my 4th entyvio infusion. Getting better but no there yet.

My gut is super sensitive and I'm apprehensive about adding foods in case they upset things...
Bone broth and gelatin are good things to start with [1]

As with all new foods you want to start slow and get used to it again.

I have no idea of your health and i have no idea what sort of vegan you were (macroibitic, whole food, real food, clean food, junk food etc) but, as you slowly add small amounts of meat you might want to read up on paleo (it comes in many flavours, just like vegan).+
So take my advice as just that, advice from someone with very little idea of your situation

Check out the pegan [2] diet, it acknowledges the importance of small amounts of high quality animal foods while maintaining a mainly plant based approach and avoiding problematic or inflammatory foods

Some form of elimination diet might be useful to identify what foods are causing problems.

good luck

[1] The Benefits of Gelatin vs Collagen


[2] The 13 Pillars of the Pegan Diet
"Think of meat and animal products as condiments or, as I like to call them, “condi-meat” — not a main course. Vegetables should take center stage, and meat should be the side dish. Servings should be 4 to 6 ounces, tops, per meal. I often make three or four vegetable side dishes."
Personally I have stuck with eating eggs and even occasional chicken (once a week or less) to avoid health/mental issues. I eventually want to go more vegan but I just don't feel like it's the right time for me to do it in a healthy way. I also exercise and have trouble getting my protein intake high. I'm female, I don't know if there is a difference, but I feel extreme fatigue that dips towards depression if my protein intake dips too low. I also feel that getting healthy oils makes a big difference.
There are some high protein vegan recipes out there but if you want to, try eating some egg and see how you feel. Remember that your health is important and you can't help animals if you're sick.