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Transverse colostomy

As my thread title says I have had a transverse I was just wondering how long people take to recover from surgery and most importantly what did you eat post surgey.
My doctor wants me to eat heaps as I have had absorption issues for a long time and now I'm malnourished and they say say I should eat to try and gain weight but not sure what I should eat as the actuall bowel itself is still damaged from the crohn's


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Hi Ozboz and welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what a transverse is but as your main problem is getting your weight up i'd suggest using ensure which is a high protein high calorie drink available from chemists or you may be able to get it through your hospital. Two cal is another one but i think only available in hospital. You should probably see a nutritionist but in the meantime eat a little often and concentrate on high protein. Fluids will be absorbed more easily but when you are eating solids make sure you chew everything really well so the gut can absorb nutrients more easily. Also make sure you take a multivitamin and other supplements that bloodwork shows you are low on. I take heaps cos I have had so much bowel cut out. When I didn't take them and was eating mainly vegan as rest of the family is I became malnourished with very dangerous electrolyte levels. So its to just weight you need to be aware of. Salt is a friend for most high output ostomates, also calcium such as ostelin with d vit. Potassium should only be supplemented with doctors recommendations.
Good luck. Enjoy eating - you can have everything we usually deny ourselves but make sure you get proper nutrients as well. Check out the ensure or your pharmacy may have similar products such as sustain hospital strength.