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Travel 6 days after fistula drainage surgery

Hi folks.
I've had a hell of a time with ischiorectal & peri anal abscesses. Last surgery was over 8 weeks ago now on 5 august. Have 2 setons that are still draining.

Again in pain, had MRI & results is I have a fistula from the rectum to the ischiorectal area, so another surgery on 17/10. Problem is, it's 6 days before a long haul flight to mexico via San Fran, on 23/10. I realize I'll be really sore but is this doable? A Medico friend thinks it'll be about pain management & that the seton will relieve the pain I'm currently experiencing. I agree.
Question is, am I nuts yo consider going? I think about my home comforts etc & that I can heal well at home, but what about in Mexico & Puerto Rico? I have full travel insurance.
Anyone have a similar experience or anyone with wisdom please!
Many thanks Zoe