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Travel Insurance


I was wondering about holiday insurance. Although Meg is in remission now after her surgery last month, Crohn's is a pre-existing medical condition. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to who offers the best cover in the UK?
I used flexicover direct when I went away- they were about 1/3 of the price of the next nearest competitor! Also you might want to check out llyods tsb paid current accounts- they include travel insurance and Crohn's is a named condition (meaning they will cover at no extra charge). I think the NACC have a list of insurers too.


Something I actually recently figured out is that there are some travel credit cards (at least in North America) that have features like providing free travel insurance (in my case it is up to 8 days for free with the option of purchasing more through the card at reasonable rates) for any vacations paid for on the card.

I have not read through the fine print to see exactly what is and what is not covered, but I feel like this might be at least a partial solution when there are not other outlets to obtain this insurance cheaply.

Of course there are always dangers with credit cards (high interest debt, etc.) so of course use it wisely and only buy what you can actually pay off (ok that ends the personal finance lesson :)).


thank you Rebecca and Mike for your excellent advice and Mike I like to pay immediately with any credit card bills to avoid interest LOL :eek2:

Rebecca I have noticed you are now, Wiki Forum monitor - Fantastic - I have read so many of your entries, they are so informative and a fantastic resourse :thumright: Well done love xxxxx