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Traveling and Eating out SCD

I have been doing really well for over a year now eating a slightly modified version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (I eat sweet potatoes often, and rice very occasionally...but otherwise SCD). I am confident in my routine...But I am planning a weekend trip this summer where I will be attending a friend's wedding and staying in a hotel for a few nights with friends.
Where I live I know of a couple places I can go out to eat, but I'm always nervous to try places..worried about hidden sugar in things...

Advice for making SCD work without your own kitchen?
I have found that when I eat out if I am just honest with the server I can usually get something good to eat. I tell them that I have a digestive condition and that certain foods bother me. Sometimes I just ask "do you have any dishes that have a plain cooked chicken breast with cooked veg" they can usually modify something. Mc Donald also has a grilled chicken wrap that doesn't bother me. You can always pack your snacks that work for you. I think most commercial restaurants you can go to their web site and look at menue, possibly there nutrition info might be available too. Good luck