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Traveling with humira?

hello everyone!!

my mum and i are planning on going over to new york and canada next year for her 50th birthday.. ( soo excited!!!!). my question is has anyone travelled while there on humira??
we're flying from australia so its a long trip and by the time you go from home to the motel on the other side we could have been travelling for 36 hours!! i have a travel pack that can freeze but that is recommended for only like 12 hours. any advise about this would be awsome!!



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New York, USA
Hi bindi - if you do a search for traveling with humira you should find a thread that talks about this....

What part of NY will you be traveling to?
You can get a free travel container from Abbot, but that is similar to what you have. One option is to ask the flight attendants to put your humira in the aircrafts fridge. Call your airline and ask if they can?

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I would hate to chance it getting ruined. I'd be afraid to travel with it. I wonder if there is any way to have Abbott ship it to a pharmacy wherever you will be staying.
I wonder about what restrictions the airline would have with it as well, it being a liquid, and a sharp object. I guess the amount is lower than the 3 oz. restriction (or whatever it is.)
Dear Bindi,
How wonderful for you that you and your mom are traveling together. You certainly plan ahead (I need lessons in that). I know that when traveling in the states I can have my pharmacy call and transfer the script. I wonder how much different it would be for you? Calling Abbott is a good idea I think. How about contacting the visitors bureau of the cities you are going to be visiting? This is if the airlines can't help.
Good luck,
I'd check with the airlines etc
being a prescribed medication they would most likely be helpful - if you can supply them with the paperwork they will most likely require

I'm sure they have a way for cattering for this sort of problem
they can deny a diebetic there medication etc ao hopefully they can assist you with your problem
I'd get in touch with them asap
Bring extra travel packs, ask the flight attendants to freeze them for you, and change them out as needed on the long flights. Regular ice should suffice for shorter durations of travel. You shouldn't have any problem with security. I've traveled with Cimzia (two injections per box) and not had a problem. Good luck and happy travels! Don't let this damper your fun trip.