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Traveling with Humira

How does one travel and take their medication with them on a plane? I recently booked a vacation for 2018 and since I no longer sleep at night :lol: I end up thinking of questions related to my disease as the flareups happen at night for me.

Can you bring the medication in a cooler bag and ice with you on the plane (similar to someone who needs to bring breast milk on the the plane)? Do you need a letter from your doctor or prescription indication what the medication is and that it needs to stay cool?

Just curious as to the answer.

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Hi my daughter travelled from the UK to Germany with her Humira is a special medicool bag that keeps the injection pens at the correct temperature for 36 hours. She had to notify the airline and they wnet her an email to print off saying what she had an she could take the cool bag as additional hand luggage. She also had a letter from her gp/ibd nurse to say that she needed the humira - this was asked for. Problem she had was that she put them in a fridge when she got to her destination (she was studying at the university for 4 months) and the fridge went haywire making them useless. She had to come home for some more which was not good news.