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Travelling and Crohn's



Have you ever had Crohn's flair ups/incidents while travelling or on vacation? How did you deal with it?

I have never had flair ups while out of town. I am extra careful regarding what I eat, however to ensure I do not start getting a flair up!


I have had some trouble on the airplane before. It was almost comical at how everyone thought I was just afraid to fly and were telling me to relax. I was stuck between trying to tell everyone that I was not acting this way because I was scared of flying and just riding out the pain. Why is it when you are in the most pain that everything seems to go bad at once? All of a sudden I start hearing babies cry and the person infront of me keeps tilting their seat back. I almost wanted to laugh, but the pain was too much. After a while things calmed down though, but I was getting pretty nervous for a while there.


Mama Crohnie
I had a few flare ups while on vacation, My first one was my trip to Florida. I was so excited about going to Disney, and stressed at the same time..that I had a flare up. It actually wasnt anything major...my major time was in Nova Scotia, where I spent a month in the hospital. Now who likes to spend time living on jello in a different province, wasn't fun...but I made it through.


I just got back from Mexico yesterday and there were a few days when I didn't feel that good. When I travel, I make extra sure to stay away from foods I know will aggrivate my symptoms. Other than that, I guess you could say I just "play through the pain" and suck it up.


When I came back from Mexico I had "the runs" really bad for a week. This was really strange for me since with Crohn's constipation was always a problem for me. I do not know if this was due to my condition or the mexican food though.