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Travelling overseas for a vacation

Hope you all doing good. I live in US and I am planning to travel my home country for a long vacation which is about 3 to 4 months. Currently I am on hichest dose of Remicade for every 4 weeks. In my country Remicade is way expensive to buy. Are there anyways to get it through shipment from here and infused in home country? How do you guys manage when you are out of country. Thanks in advance


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New York, USA
I schedule any trips around my infusions. You may find it cheaper to fly back to the US for your infusions rather than trying to get them overseas.
Regarding your Remicade treatment, I hope you found a solution that worked well for you during your extended stay. It's essential to have open communication with your healthcare provider in such situations to ensure you receive the necessary care.
When it comes to booking flights for future travels, you might want to revisit the idea of business class flight deals. It can add comfort and luxury to your journeys, making them more enjoyable.
Wishing you many more wonderful travels and experiences in the future, and I hope your time in your home country was filled with joy and meaningful moments.
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