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I was diagnosed over a year ago with Crohns and about to travel for the first time. I'm a little nervous about three plane rides, none are longer than 3 hours but I still have trouble with diarrhea daily. Does anyone have any advice?
When I travel I fight to take on my own bottled water for the plane and some snacks incase I get dizzy. One time I had a bad experience. Not saying it will happen to you but anything is possible. We started to take off and was brought back on and off the plane 5 times because of bad weather. We were all told to get back onto the plane where we went onto the runway and instead of going in the air we stared at the airport for 7 hours being stuck in a metal tube. They ran out of all drinks (water included) all snacks...and I was feeling so sick a lady in front of me since I did not eat before we left offered me some crackers and a juicy juice she had for her son. I needed it. I felt like I was going to pass out...From then on I always make sure to take my own. When I get stopped I explain it is for medical reasons with details if they ask.
Immodium would be good too. I don'y usually take it, but it does help to fight off the diarrhea temporarily. And most importantly, try not to think about it or stress it. I've always noticed, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I have to run to the bathroom. You'll be ok. Try to relax and enjoy the fun of traveling and seeing new people and places.