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does any one no if you are allowed axtra luggage weight if you have chrones? and someone told me there is a grant you can apply for if you have chrones. im told these things but i can never find information, can anyone offer me any advice. thank you.:


I cant imagine why either. I very much doubt it as you dont need to take any medical equipment, just tablets. Also you dont say which country you live in so we cant really help you too much. Would be worth looking on the holiday companies websites as they normally vary with allowance
What sort of things were you anticipating carrying, Pop?

I have an ileostomy so have to take enough bags and other supplies with me when I go travelling. This can take up a fair amount of space as I use deep convexity bags and always take one for each day, just as a precaution, even though I would not use that many at home. I would hate to be stranded in somewhere like Africa without enough supplies.

Having said that, the only time that I have taken an extra overnight bag was when I went on safari in Africa and my doctor insisted that I take intravenous injecting equipment and 2 litres of saline in case I caught a stomach bug on top of my Crohns and became dehydrated. He didn't want me in Nairobi hospital without my own equipment.

Fortunately, I stayed relatively well throughout and was able to leave my supplies in a clinic in Tanzania before I came home.


I think a few airlines allow allow extra luggage for a fee, but otherwise I am not sure.

I could see needing to take extra luggage - I always worried aobut having enough underwear/pants if cases of "accidents" and having to change clothes 3 or 4 times a day. Or when my fistulas/abcesses/whatever the hell they are/were leaking, even though I wore pantiliners and such, I still changed my underwear a few times a day, just to try to stay fresh and clean - although I am not sure that 3 times the amount of underwear would require that much extra luggage.... although the pads/pantiliners might have... lol ;)