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Treatment Suggestions for Rectal Inflammation


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I need help, guys. I am looking for some suggestions for treating my rectal inflammation. My recent colonoscopy showed mild inflammation only in my rectum. All else is clear. But then why do I feel so terribly awful?!

My current symptoms are frequent loose BM’s (mostly in the AM), mucus (with blood), and constant abdominal pain. I take Lialda (which must be working somewhat because my TI looks good), hyocyamine, and cortisone enemas when needed. But the enemas aren’t helping.

Being that my case is so mild, my GI doesn’t want to step up the meds yet (I agree - save them for when I really need them) and said we’d treat the rectal inflammation topically. But I have already been on Canasa and Rowasa. What’s left to try?

Any ideas would be appreciated!