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Trendy enteral feeding tubes all the rage

Brides’ Extreme Wedding Preparations: The Nose Tube Diet

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. All eyes (and camera phones) will be focused on her as she teeters down the aisle on brand new heels or attempts to look elegant while being fed a crumbling hunk of wedding cake. There was a time when brides prepped with a spa day and professional makeup and hair styling; now, according to a report by the New York Times, they are turning to extended juice fasts and radical weight loss plans such as the K-E Diet which involves being administered a mere 800 calories a day through a tube that runs from the nose through the esophagus and into the stomach. And like marked-up wedding dresses and exorbitant caterers, it all comes with a hefty price tag. ..more follows at link.
Well, if it becomes a trend then all the previously embaressed Crohnies who were hiding at home with their tub feeding aparatus will be able to mascarade as vain women rather than appearing to be actual sick people.

Maybe since I have 100lbs to lose I could get the doctor to prescribe this diet as part of my Crohn's treatment so health care would pay for it!!! Ooops too late I am already taking Remicade and getting better!!
I suppose the folks on this board could think of some other weight loss tricks for them to try. Maybe the Hollywood resection is next? Or the at-home DIY stoma kit? :)
:ywow:I seriously laughed at the above post, I mean a out loud full belly laugh. TY
I just can't believe anyone would want to loose weight with a nose tube.
Just hope Leno , Letterman, Conan someone gets wind of this.


You are who you are, at least, until there will be pictures taken. THEN, you NEED quick medical intervention that's not designed for this reason at all. Certainly no one at your wedding will notice that you dropped a quick 50 and can barely stand for the ceremony. And just think, in twenty years, you can stand back from your beautiful wedding photo and remember the lengths you went to for this picture. :facepalm:

EDIT: Maybe I have it all wrong? Maybe these are the kinds of things you worry endlessly about if you're completely healthy and have no bigger concerns?
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What went through my mind is what type of guy would marry a woman who would go to such extremes. I would say he's in for a real treat as their marriage progresses, LOL.
That really pi**es me off. How anyone can choose to have a tube is beyond me..and makes me feel really quite angry that they would choose to have something that I HAVE to have. Idiots. Hope they feel ashamed...and yes I pity the poor the husband marrying a weirdo.


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Quite why these women want an ng tube when actually, if they wanted, they could down a load of laxatives and thoroughly enjoy the violent and agressive diarrhoea with stomach cramps that we have to put up with umpteen times a day i don't know. Mind, perhaps i shouldn't have suggested that, cos perhaps they'll opt for the ng tube and the laxatives. OMG, what i would give to be able to eat foods!


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Good God, Jeannette,

oh yes, i forgot the shrunk tummy. perhaps they'll be sick at head of reception table, or whilst cutting the cake. now that would be justice, lol
I was discussing this with someone who said that there is a new trend of eating tapeworm eggs to lose weight...it gets worse. People are truly bonkers.

Here is a link I found...I couldn't quite believe it so did a quick google search.

When one thinks about it, this is so utterly, intolerably disgusting that the very thing that the women are striving for - phenomenal beauty - is defeated by the process used to obtain it. How anyone could even want to have a romantic dinner with a woman infested with tapeworms, or, make love with her, is beyond me.:ywow:


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No way.

Even following a regular diet for that day does not make any sense . It would only make the husband disappointment's bigger a couple of years later :rof:
I've read where some people think that having a worm is helpful because it gives your immune system something to focus on besides your own innards. But that doesn't make sense, because if the immune system could destroy the things there wouldn't be any of them in people. I think it is a real bad idea myself, and not real smart either.
No way.

Even following a regular diet for that day does not make any sense . It would only make the husband disappointment's bigger a couple of years later :rof:
Right, why start the marriage off under the pretense that the woman is just an ordinary average gal who likes looking her best. And I would say that her propensity for wanting to put strange things in her body is an issue that should be addressed before the knot is tied:lol2: