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Triple antibiotic therapy/anti-MAP

I've seen a few posts of people on this protocol, and I'm interested in doing it myself. I'm not sure my GI will prescribe it for me, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to share their prescribing doctor if he or she is in the U.S., and of course if your doctor would be OK with posting the information. Maybe a private message would be better?

Also, if you're on it, could you please tell me what combo of antibiotics you're on? I know that clofazimine which is one of the three that Dr. Borody prescribes, is not available in the U.S., and I've seen some substitutions like Levaquin, but I don't feel comfortable being on a floroquinoline for long periods of time.

Also, have the people who have tried this had any side effects?
Im currently being treated by Dr Chamberlain from Billings, MT. Im on 500mg clarithromycin x2 300mg rifampin x2 and 100mg of clofazimine. So far I feel great and haven't had any side effects.