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Let's see...I had my small bowel follow through and upper GI series on Wednesday. You can see what happened here http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=8315

Anyways, my stomach and bowels started hurting and I just brushed it off. The diarrhea stopped which was good, so I went to lunch with my Mom. After lunch the pain started getting worse. It was more predominant on my lower right side. By the time I got home it was unbearable. I couldn't stand up straight without horrible pain and it was just constant. After a few hours of being in lots of pain I decided I should go to the ER. By the time I got to the ER the pain on my right side was so intense I couldn't walk. I couldn't even move my right leg. Long story short, they ended up admitting me. Unfortunately I was stuck in the ER for 16 hours until I got a room. I didn't really care because I was on morphine. The morphine unfortunately didn't help the pain, it just made me not care.
They wanted to do a CT scan but since I just had the SMFT they couldn't because the barium would interfere. They did an xray and they saw some dialation but I have no idea what that means. They also did an ultrasound which was normal. The GI doc that saw me in the hospital seemed pretty awesome but got called to the ER while we were talking.

So after getting on some hardcore painkillers while in my room it was just the same stuff...they all wanted information from my GI doc. It just takes them so freaking long to do anything!!! So after dinner time they said if I wanted to go home I could. I said I want to go home because there is no use laying around for nothing to be done.

They told me to take painkillers and that's it. So once again, I am failed by the healthcare system. They can't tell me what's wrong, they couldn't do any tests, and I feel like I am at a dead end.

I hurt like fucking hell and I just don't have the energy to drive myself over to the stupid pharmacy to get these stupid painkillers. My insides hurt so bad and I just want it to stop. I want to know whats wrong and I want it fixed.

I don't even want to call my GI to tell him what happened. I just feel like no one can find out what's wrong and fix me. I don't know why, but I feel like a loser. I absolutely hate this.
That sucks and I've been there. Going to the ER just to have them send me home with pain meds and that's it. Yep. I've probably still got bills on my credit record from having to do that. I don't even bother anymore unless I just can't take it.

Best bit of advice. Talk to your GI when you can and go with liquids for at least a couple days, broth, weak tea (no caffeine), water, at least till the pain starts subsiding. From there I usually go into broth and saltines, then chicken noodle soup, then more substantial things. Did you notice if all the barium was expelled afterward (i.e. did your poop turn brown eventually)? If not you might've become constipated. Barium can tend to do that.
I think the barium is still there. Wednesday after the smft I went to the bathroom six times, yesterday once, and so far today twice. Still pale though.
If you think you might be you can take something light, I take senna tea. There's a brand called Traditional Medicinals that makes one called Smooth Move. Senna is a mild laxative. However, the liquids might end up getting things moving along anyway. My old GI recommended Milk of Magnesia when I got bound up.
Thanks for all of you support guys, I really need it. I'm just at the point where I want to give up. I am angry and feel like going on a Godzilla rampage, unfortunately my bowels won't permit that.

I saw my GI today and he of course blamed it all on IBS and gave me some med that is supposed to be used to treat deppression.

I told him that while I was at the hospital it was too painful to even move my right leg because it made my right side hurt so bad. Walking was impossible because of the pain. But because all of my tests are normal it's IBS.

He asked me stupid questions like, "Do you feel better when you are out with your friends?" No you idiot! I've had to leave outings with friends early because I feel like shit. I've left places crying my eyes out or I've had to leave because I was afraid I would shit my pants.

I know all of you are thinking....just get a new GI doctor. I want to but at the same time I don't. It seems pointless now that I have some sort of elusive something that doesn't want to show on any tests they give me. I've had pretty much everything done, cat scan, ultrasound, EGD, colonscopy, upper GI series, and a small bowel follow through. All of these have apparently come back normal.
He probably thinks I am lying at this point.

I'm done...I'm just done with this crap. It's pointless.