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Truvada/PrEP drugs being heavily marketed to gay/bi men


The WHO and CDC have approved and are promoting a new anti-HIV drug and suggesting all gay men take it to reduce risk of HIV exposure. http://www.advocate.com/health/2014/08/11/truvada-whore-stigma-endures-among-doctors-and-lgbts

I find this wholly inappropriate and it's the subject of much debate now in the LGBT health world. Is it really necessary for every gay man to be on a new drug which like all drugs carry side effects and unknown longterm complications? Keep in mind this is very expensive and benefits big pharma.

The insinuation that gay men are at risk is offensive, are gay couples together for 50+ years or monogamous couples who are HIV negative at any risk? No. What about those who practice safe sex and are educated about STD's.

I think this drug might be good for high risk groups and I'm happy it's available but I don't want any agency telling me just because I'm gay I need this. Who knows what this does to an already fragile immune system for people with autoimmune issues like crohns. Would be nice to see them take these things into account and not making sweeping generalizations or statements.

*Ok, comes off soapbox.*