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Trying something different (D.E.)

Hello, I have been a UC sufferer for ten years now and I have had a total of three flare up (I feel lucky some how). I have tried taking meds and they seem to make me feel worst than not taking them. The meds if you are asking was pentasa and I can't remember the mg, but I was taking 4 pills 4 times a day. I would feel tired and constipated. Also I could not afford them b/c my insurance did not cover name brand and there is no generic form of pentasa.

So this is the trying something new part. A few weeks ago I went to visit my parents and they are all into trying to treat there problems with natural remedies. So they were trying Diatomaceous Earth - food grade (D.E.)

D.E. is composed of dead skeletons of diatoms and it has many uses. I really don't want to go into the specifics b/c there is a long list it is used for. The only thing I can tell you is that it is use for removing parasites and other bad stuff that is in your gut.

So, I started using a teaspoon with a small glass of water a day with a empty stomach about two weeks ago.

In the first week I noticed a change b/c my stool was a different color than the usual. Though my stomach ached and I felt full all the time. The place where my ulcer was in my colon just hurt.

In the second week I had the same results, but I have notice is I eat something that doesn't agree with me (like if it was before I had UC) I would have straight up diarrhea and all of it came out. During UC if I ate something that didn't agree with me I would feel horrible for days b/c not all would come out. Also I was in the middle of the second week and was about to give up, but I asked my parents their symptoms and they were similar to mine (though I think mine were worst).

So now I am going into the third week and I will post more if anybody want's to know more.
I have experience with that product and I believe that it set off my crohns. If you think about the magnified structure of that stuff, it is like little razor blades that cut up the parasites and kills them. Well, what is that doing to the intestinal lining? I stopped taking it just in case.
I think the reason for the discomfort for the first couple weeks was b/c my colon was going through a healing crisis. Today I actually feel fine for once. :)
I'll see what the day will bring.


This sounds extremely dangerous and I don't see any research to back up using this product. We have inflamed intestines and the last thing we want is to put something rough that could further irritate or even worse perforate the bowel. I'm very open to experimentation but this sounds outright harmful and I would personally caution people to stay far away from this.