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Trying to adjust

I was diagnosed with Severe Crohn's 3 years ago. My condition was so bad I spent a month in a local ICU and told there was nothing they could do. My best friend intervened and got me transferred to Dallas. I underwent 6 hours of surgery having 3ft of intestines removed along with most of my colon. I now have an ilieostomy bag. It took a year of extensive therapy to begin to try to form some kind of life. I am having an extremely hard time adjusting. I lost my job,my home. How and where do even begin to start piecing your life back together? I'm on antidepressant medication and anxiety meds to function. I'm on disability now. I never imagined that at 45 this is where I'd be. I accept that my life has dramatically changed but how do you start the rebuild process? Any suggestions??