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Trying to conceive

Hi .
this is my very first topic in this fourm, i was honeslty reading for few days to see if anyone have been through same situtation.
My husband was diagnosed with crohn's three years ago. He is taking Imuran and IV infliximab since about a year now. One month ago he was coughing a lot with extream pain in the left side of the chest. the doctors said the he develoed Pleural effusion... :( which according to them, is caused by the medications he was taking. he stopped taking the crohn's meds (imuran + infliximab) since one month, and instead they gave him a punch of antibauitics to treat the pleural effusion.

we have been married for 4 yrs. we were not seriose about having a baby, until recently. so now we are trying for real to concive. So, he did a semen anlysis last week, and the sperm count were low..

I don't know. is it because of the medication he was taking?
is it going to be okay that now he stopped taking the crohn's med?
i need reassurance from you guys. :confused2:
I am a 30 year old male with crohns on Remicade for two years, did a semen analysis a month ago and everything was normal.
Hi, I have a friend who is male with crohns and he has three children and didn't have any issues with fertility. He is also taking similar meds.
Thanks for the reply.
we have visited the gyn. she said the test results are ok nothing to worry about :)

im now on multi vitamin meds, gloucofage, and ova-cure.. we'll wait for few months and hopefully we'll have some good news.