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Trying to learn as much as possible

I am very excited to have found this Crohn's Forum!!! My son (2 1/2 at the time) was very sick for 3 months, seeing multiple doctors, on and off antibiotics, diagnosed with HSP, Staph, Strep and other various illnesses. After losing much weight and us beginning to lose hope he was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. We had hoped his diagnosis would have been something more simple than Crohn's, however we are very thankful we now know and can try to learn as much as possible about the disease. He is now 5 weeks out of the hospital, tapering steroids, down to every 8 weeks of Remicade infusions and doing extremely better.
Welcome cre,

This Forum has changed my life, I feel like I now know what questions to ask, learned a lot of information. It gives me hope, seeing others improve and go into remission!!

Good luck for your family and son!!