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TTC No. 2 Should I take the drugs? 

To all the mums and mums 2 b!! 

Myself and my husband are wanting to ttc our second child. 3 months ago I was diagnosed with mild Crohn’s disease (5 ulcers in Illieum only/strong positive for antibodies in blood). I am currently not on medication pending a consultation with my GI. I was initially put on Pentasa but after 8 weeks was told to come off it as despite putting my mild bleeding away, I suffered really bad joint pain. My new GI (my first one didn’t return my calls!) recently did a scope on me and confirmed the disease is mild, that I’m a ‘breath away from a healthy bowel’ and that it may be he doesn’t treat me with immunosuppressant’s for a year or so. He says I can’t take Pentasa obviously or any of the other milder 5 ASA’s due to intolerance, and that it doesn’t work for Crohn’s anyway. I am currently un medicated and have been for about 6 weeks now. But now I have mild bleeding and cramping back.

However – as things are mild – I think I will be given the option of taking or not taking immunosuppression therapy.

As I am wishing to shortly start to ttc our second child – I don’t know whether to risk a pregnancy with no medication or not.

I have done so much research – but I was wondering what you all have done.

If you were in my situation – would you;

1) start taking the immunosupressants to ensure you felt well during pregnancy and didn’t flare?
2) Stay off the drugs to ensure none of the drug side effects affected the foetus, even if it meant you could flare?

If pregnancy, birth and child rearing wasn’t tough enough eh?? 