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Tuck in shirt?

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I've had an ileostomy since the ending of 2011. I still am unable to tuck in my shirt. I worry about my bag filling up while squashed under my pants and shirt. What do you ileostomites do? Sometimes I feel so sloppy when my shirt is untucked.



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I avoid form fitting cloths. I prefer dark pants and light shirts. Hides a full pouch if I can't get to a washroom quickly. I do leave shirts untucked if possible.


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Elastic waistbands and loose tops for me. Sorry i can help you with this one. Luckily you live in Hawaii though where loose clothing and untucked shirts are more common.


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Yes I can understand that. Business shirts are supposed to be tucked in I guess. I usually wear tights in winter so my bag is squashed underneath the tights plus some things I wear the waistband sits on or near my ileo. It doesn't seem to cause any problems though - maybe needing to empty more but I have very high output so need to empty often anyway. Have you tried tucking in? maybe it would be better than you think?
I actually *do* tuck in my shirt. I also wear relatively body fitting clothes. My only "rule" around clothing is to make sure that the waistband on my pants and skirts don't sit on my stoma. Otherwise, I almost always have my bag "squished" by something that holds it firm against my body...if I'm wearing a loose dress or skirt, I'll either put on tights or boxer briefs to minimize flopping and any 'bulges' should my bag get too full.

I've not had a problem at all with skinny jeans or any other form of tight clothing. The only thing I don't wear is a body fitting dress.

My only suggestion would be to try wearing your shirt tucked in while you're at home and seeing how your body does with it. I always try out clothing I'm unsure about at home and walk around in it for a few hours before feeling confident enough in public. If the bag's going to bust, I'd rather it happens in the safety of my own home!

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I wear leggings a lot with longer loose tops, but when I wear jeans I wear them under my Stoma, it sits high. Have to say I've not tried tucking in as I am still very conscious of people seeing my bag.
I only tuck I my shirt if I'm wearing a jumper or vest.
I do have tailored business shirts that look a little more neat untucked - but I do feel like a scruff with an untucked business shirt under a suit jacket.
I do have a stretchy singlet vest that is super tight that I wear to try and flatten everything out if I'm going on a date or doing something that makes me feel self conscious.
My Stoma sticks out a mile and I think it's quite obvious and I'm not very comfortable knowing people can see it.
I love summer when I can wear breezy baggy shirts and nobody sees anything.