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Turmeric drink?


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I put two tablespoons of ground turmeric in my lunch time smoothie, (1 litre smoothie in total) and it works for me. I also put a 1'' cube of ginger in with 1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper. I'm not too sure about the mixture you speak of... Fill me in if you get to the bottom of it.


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Turmeric has done me wonders for when I get into a flare, the stuff can work as well as the medical treatments. I have great respect for it, as I took it long term and found that it can cause heart problems. I have a heart a fibrillation condition, so I have to be careful not to use it for too long or too much.
If it helps I emailed a pharmacist at a natural health store a while ago with the question of turmeric and iron, this is the answer I got back

Many thanks for getting in touch and for your enquiry.

The information around turmeric and its role in iron absorption is mixed, there are some individual case reports are available that do mention iron absorption is reduced whilst taking turmeric but with a huge variation in the rate of this effect from 10/20% to 90% and there may be other factors at play. Unfortunately this isn’t something that I can say definitively is related to a turmeric supplement. In general, the only concerns when considering taking a turmeric supplement would be for anyone prescribed a blood thinning medication as, in theory, turmeric can enhance the effect of these medications and risk an inadvertent bleed.

To this end...my advice is that as you know your current ferritin levels and are having these monitored periodically whilst also taking an iron replacement treatment you could try 1 Natruflex daily after food. I agree, take this at a time in the day that is separated from the iron supplement (take the iron first). Our turmeric is fat soluble and so having it after food will increase its absorption and maximises it effects for you.

I hope this is helpful. Please get back in touch if I can answer anything further.

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Turmeric did nothing for me and actually made my dria. a bit worse. After researching more about - it helps with inflammation if turmeric is a permanent and a life time part of your diet - like people in India use turmeric as soon as they stop breastfeeding.
The fibers in these herbs/roots/bark can be irritating to the gi tract. Make a tea then let in settle for 20 minutes, to let the fibers settle at the bottom of a tall glass, then pour out the top part and do not consume the woody parts at the bottom of the glass. You can also put it through a coffee filter to remove more. This makes for a much more tolerable medication for those with gi issues.