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Turner's Syndrome and impact of HRT on Crohn's

Anybody else here have Turner's Syndrome and diagnosed with IBD after starting HRT? I'm almost positive that my HRT is having a negative impact on my Crohn's and would like some advice on what other options for HRT others might have found that were less harmful than straight up birth control for their IBD. I know for us females in general that hormones have a huge impact on IBD (evidenced by the fact that a lot of women go into remission when pregnant and relapse after).
I am trans and on HRT, I take a weekly shot of estradiol valerate. It hasn't had any noticeable impact on my crohn's presentation and it's pretty easy to maintain.

There's also oral estradiol taken sublingually / bucally which I took for the first several months. It's a bit more challenging as the half-life is<24 hours so you need to take it twice or more a day to maintain healthy levels and it takes about 20 minutes to dissolve in your mouth, swallowing reduces bio availability significantly.

There's also patches and gels, but I've heard patches can be uncomfortable and cause skin irritation and gels are pretty unpredictable.

I'm assuming you're seeing an endocrinologist?