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Turning a corner......

:dance:Hi there,
I am a 45 year old woman that has been diagnoised with Crohns disease since I was 27 years old. I have lived a very productive life and it hardly would get in my way.....until now. I had some very stressful life events happen and it sent me into a whiriwind of a Crohns flare-up. Literally I had a catscan last June that was pretty normal for me and now after a catscan they think it has spread to my colon! Amazing what alittle time (& stress!) will do to the body!! I have lost lots of weight, on Pentasa, prednisone, imuran, been out of my job for a month, and been in and out of the hospital! I finally feel as though I am turning a corner (starting to be able to eat without pain!) It all started with a funky rash (anyone get rashes?), and it went downhill from there! So, now my life is up for re-evaluation, I work with young children (is that good for the ole immune system?), these families count on me (will I be consistent and not have to take too much time off?), should I file for public assistance (money is tight with just one income coming in)....too many decisions to make with nutrition flowing through your body!!
So, my Crohnies, I'm putting it out there to hear some of ways that you have dealt with Crohn's financially, spiritually, mentally, and so on....any words of wisdom will help.....


Hiya Indianhart
and welcome

I've deleted your post, it was on twice by mistake!
I've no words of Wisdom, I just live in the day! Hopefully just being here with us will help you, we're glad to have you!
I work with kids too, always got a bloody cold!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


Hello and welcome to the forum :bigwave: Rashes can definetly be crohns related and a sign that all is not well. I live in the UK so I am not sure what assitance you can get income wise. Have you been able to see your GI about the recurrance in your symptoms? It may be that a stronger med is now required for you. Also if insurance cover is an issue I think with some of these meds you can get help with funding from the manufacturers. Obviously if things are then back under control you can then return to work. I am lucky that I have understanding employers and I just tend to go to work even when on a flare up, it's not like anyone can catch crohns from me and as I am in an office I can dash to the loo if I need to. I do hope things start to get better for you very soon, hang in there and keep us updated.
My crohnies....

:thumright:Thanks for the very quick responses!!! I actually have to travel for my job, so I may have to do some reconsidering. Maybe a desk job is something I need to consider....close to the bathroom!! It's so comforting knowing there are people that are going through the same obstacles as I am....thanks and anyone have any great healthy soup receipes or know where I can get some while I am recovering?? Thanks in advance!!!!


Have a look through our diet and supplements forum, there should be some helpful hints there for you. Also have a look into perhaps trying some liquid stuff like Ensure etc :)

I am currently drinking Boost.....ensure tastes nasty to me! How many ensures do you drink a day? And I will look at the receipes thanks!!!


Hi, I am not on any liquid foods anymore (yahoo) I have seen ensure mentioned a lot though by others from the US so wondered if it would help. Let us know how you get on :)
hi i am also in the m8iddle of another nasty flare up! i didnt get any help from the GP so i changed doctor last week and things are looking up.
my meds have been uped to 35mg pred a day and ive been put on oxycontin slow release for the pain and oxynorm for breakthrough pain. theese are helping alot, i also have valoid for the nausea caused by the pain meds, i found the prednisilone wanted to keep me awake and has some realy nasty side affects, so i take it in the evening about an hour before bed, i take the pain meds and valooid at the same time and theese tend to completely knock me out for around 4-5hrs!! so the worst of the pred affects are now slept through :D
as for food at the moment i am on 3 ensure + a day and i assume this is the same as ensure over there (i love the taste!). i normaly have homemade chicken soup with a couple of spoon fulls of plain boiled basmati rice thrown in. all i do is boil up a chicken carcase untill the bones are soft and its all fallen apart, debone it slice 1 carrot up and an onion and one potatoe and simmer for another 40 mins!! to reduce it and i get a bowl full that lasts 3-4days. anything else i try to eat has me reaching for the nuclear option in pain control!!
stress for me also makes things much worse so i try to avoid it although easier said than done!! i am learning to just accept at times there are alot of things i cant do and i dont beat myself up about it, last week was awful and tghe first time i posted on here but i got a new GP tuesday and things are looking up. try and stay positive but accept you wont always feel that way. come post on here in the middle of the night when you cant sleep! you will be amazed how many people are up at 3am lol.