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Turning To Non-Prescription Treatment

I've lost my insurance and until I hear back from Remicade, I'm going to have to find different ways of treating this horror of a disease.

I'm in the process of weaning off steroids. They've ravaged me, I swear. I'm weaker than I was in the first place, having lost muscle mass, and I've gained a good 15 pounds.

To put it simply...:depressed:

So, does anyone have any advice for someone starting out on a diet and probiotic plan? I have to try to control this on my own for the time being, I guess.
I would get Fish Oil, Ginger and Turmeric capsules in addition to the probiotic.

Normal dose of Fish Oil, 1500 mg of Turmeric and Ginger capsules, 500 mg with each meal, three times a day.

I have more radical treatment methods, but I used this mild one for a few months. It did not work perfectly, but it did help.

According to your sig you're on Imuran and Pentasa, right? Depending on quantities, you can order generics of both and pay about $100/month. You'll have to get the Pentasa from a Canadian pharmacy in order to get the generic, but it's not that tough to do that. If that regimen has been working for you at all, you need to do absolutely everything you can to stay on it. You can also start doing things like petitioning the manufacturers of the drugs to see if they'll give them to you for free.

Aside from that, as rudimentary as this sounds, the two best things you can do for yourself are drink a lot of water and walk a lot. You have to keep your system moving as rapidly as possible, and those are the two things that do it.


One Badass Dude
Hey Lizzy,

It breaks my heart (yes really) to hear that you are suffering and that normal courses of relief are difficult to obtain. Keep fighting! Nobody should feel as bad or go through the pain that you are going through.

Keep focussing on getting proper care over alternative treatment. Alternative treatment should be considered supplementary treatment. It should never be a replacement.

Please please please give us updates on your situation.
Hi Fenway. It was good for 2 months but I was losing some weight. Since I went back to low residue diet , I gained some weight but don't feel as good as I was on SCD. I think I should go back to it.....