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Twenty-five Years Symptom Free

It’s been a long time since I participated in any Crohn’s disease forum. I’m fact, no internet when I was initially diagnosed in the early 80s as a teenager in college. Had a few books which I read and passed around to people I knew. Later there was a Usenet forum. After two surgeries which left me with an ileostomy, I’ve been symptom-free for over 25 years.

Since the operation, I’ve traveled all around the world for my work, and eventually moved to another country. The ostomy has rarely been an issue, and in hindsight I could have kicked myself for not getting it sooner. I know that for Crohn’s, it’s not a cure, but I’ve been lucky to-date. The only problems I’ve had are an very occasional blockage, like once every two years, always traceable to eating certain foods (usually popcorn, which I now avoid or only eat in very small amounts). Even more rarely, I’ve had minor skin issues at the stoma site, recently only twice in ten years.

I’ve joined this forum to ask a “technical” question, but thought I would introduce myself first. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll try to answer.

South Korea

Lady Organic

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Welcome and thanks for joining:)
Glad to read you have been doing this fine!
I am sure your experience will give some reassurance to people who are facing or undecided about the surgery!
thanks a lot!