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twitchy gut

Ok, here is a weird one. Yesterday and today my abdomen (left side only) has been twitching on and off. It does not hurt but is strange. Almost feels like it is vibrating. has anyone else had this?
I get a thing in my stomach and its almost like a heart beat twitch? Like that weird ones you get in your eyes? Does this sounds similar?
I've had this too!! Was on and off for a month or so then just stopped. I had resection about 10 years ago and thought it may have just been nerve endings reconnecting in the scared area.
Yes, Sailorluna, I remember that too when I was in flare. Sometimes it would be strong twinges like having a stitch. And sometimes it would be a sort of fluttering - a bit like when you are pregnant and the baby first starts moving, only stronger. It is indeed a strange feeling. I thought it must be air or something getting trapped cos of the inflammation.
How are you? Are you still flaring?