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Two day colonoscopy

Cross-stitch gal

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Hi. I'm afraid that I've never had this problem with my colonoscopy prep in not being cleaned out enough. However, I am a small female and underweight at that. Do know that whenever I've done the prep I've pretty much spent the whole evening on and off the toilet. Never have had the magnesium citrate included as yet. Only time it's been included so far for me, I believe is when I had either the pill cam or the tube down the throat. Can't remember which though.

Were you successful the second time? Hope all went well for you. Good luck:)
The magnesium citrate is a stronger laxative is all. It's what used to be used for everyone. Don't worry, it works fine. Having to wait is annoying but it's usually because the doctor is working on someone else. I try to remember that if I was the one that needed extra time, I'd get it and someone else would have to wait. :)
I was able to do the complete procedure on the second day. My GI still said my colon was not completely empty. Unfortunately I'll probably have to double up on the prep each time.