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Two separate stomas

Hi there,
Does anyone else have two separate stomas? perhaps one and one muccus fistula on the other side?
Hi, I did have two for a year. I then had a proctectomy and the mucus fistula was removed too . How are you coping with it? Connie


Staff member
I have one stoma but the lower part of my bowel is attached at the side and while mostly I'm not aware of it sometimes when my bag is overfill at night with gas or output it will push down the "downpipe". Then I can pass gas or worse in the normal way or when i change my bag output will ooze up from the second hole. The longer I've had the stoma the less this happens but it does still occur. I think the type of stoma is called abcarian (?????) but its been a while since I got this one so could be wrong.