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Two Things

Let me try nd tidy this up....

I reduced this down to a couple ideas;
1. Occasionally sitting up straight

2. Keeping track of last bowel movement.
The main reason being to avoid stool impaction.
*During heavy inflammation, the calendar will appear alot less regular - at which point you can try eating less, brat/liquid diet, or switching up something in the routine; because as it progresses, probability of a blockage could be higher. And that is true, but also know *After awhile you can intuitively know whether or not your inflammation is controllable or is at some sortve unmanagable blockage stage or something. Its avoidable, as ive been able to. And still - Many reasons there-after will contribute to infrequent/unusual bowel movements regardless. The stomach consumes lots of water from the stool also so...
*Remember to drink lots of water.
2b. Time to Heal
Which is simply acknowledging it could take up to a week for inflammation to subside, or atleast become more representative of a normal functioning stomach...
Stay positive. I believe anything can be overcome if you put your mind to it.

*Something to look into is how the gut's serotonin works, and how the wakeful hormones influence the gut. And then how they both interact by inadvertently disrupting each other... Its possible.
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While im here, ill leave yous my story, as im also going through a week of heavy inflammation...

Ive had Crohns Disease since i was 11... 30 years old now. My mom also has it. We've both been through the ringer, whether its hospital stays, or days cradling a toilet. I thought my Twentys would be my best years... Unfortunately, by 2015-2016 the height of my symptoms had only just begun.
I live with my mom, so what ever she experiences, we've sorta shared, like we are kinda wrapped together spiritually because its easier as a team.
But things turned toxic those years, as she was being abused by her companion/ and long term neighbor. They turned to drugs, and i was stuck in the middle. I was then diagnosed with schizophrenia, and my crohns just got worse and worse, on top of the crazy guy we had to deal with; who was threatening to kill us. No cop or doctor or anybody wanted to deal with this, and we lost most of our friends. Eventually the storm subsided, as we were forced to sell that house and move into her mothers house (my grandmom). Things have certainly been resolved in some ways, but it seems it came with some residual misfortunes. My mom had started noticing that a hole was forming in her stomach.... She had let herself go so much, that her inflammation was literally eating her stomach away. So obviously this was an emergency and she got professional help, as well as a plan to resolve the issue. They have her on this medicine bag that goes through her arm, and another bag that drains the hole from any fecal matter/etc thats gone beyond her intestinal walls. My mom is a real trooper, as shes the one whos gone through surgery. Ive only had an absess drained which isnt surgery technically. With all that said, our ability to communicate, and be the best team we can be is at an all time high. Shes doing really well on her current treatment, and is doing the best ive seen in awhile. Of course though, now im the one suffering. This week, something, i dont know what, triggered my stomach. So ive just began to get myself on board with getting the inflammation under control. It could take another week, but im confident if I maintain my current plan that ill be back to an optimal level of eating, mood, energy, daily activity, digestion, and just life living in general. So thats it, thats my story. Obviously i left out alot just to focus on the last 5 years or so... So, Im sure someone can salvage some intrigue from this. Perhaps even someone whos shared something similar can know, that they arent alone. Theres others out there just recovering from crazy things, or overcoming crohns, etc, in very similar ways. So, thank you for listening and thank you for your time.
I just remembered... Theres one other important thing, that i especially have to do (after having experienced Stool Impaction, its quite important not to forget this tip)...
*Keeping track of the last time you had a bowel movement. I have started writing it in my calendar; which may as well also write in what i ate/which days... For right now, im trying to remember my last bowel movement - might have been 3 days ago. My mom and i remember that i said, "hey, i just had a normal bowel movement and alot came out". We dont know for certain which day that was, and i might have even gone after that... Regardless, im sticking to liquids, because i have a feeling im getting backed-up.
I squeezed real hard at the toilet (which u shouldnt do) and a little liquid came out, which means im not yet dryer than the sahara desert.
So my confidence has stabilized a little.
My mom reminded me of this, this is a new term for me, for when the body/stomach reacts to food or drink before even eating.
As it pertains to the way we feel and partially obfuscates the notion of food being digested when its in fact... Gastric Juice, or
from a cellular perspective the Gastrointestinal Epithelium.
Gastric juice is produced all the time but the amount varies subject to the regulatory factors. Regulation of gastric secretions may be divided into "cephalic", "gastric", and intestinal phases. Thoughts and smells of food start the "cephalic" phase of gastric secretion; the presence of food in the stomach initiates the "gastric" phase; and the presence of acid "chyme" in the small intestine begins the "intestinal phase".

Theres a whole section of articles on this. Whether or not it matters, it was something that was catching my interest...
Last night, as i was fallin asleep, i was sorta imagining the universe nd all that stuff...
At one point, i was hovering up high over the ocean as it was swaying in real time. And i sortve felt like, everything could be described by this scene. Everything else was just details and no discernment. This scene on the other hand actually matched with more of what i was really feeling. So, its 4:20pm right now, and its the best my stomachs felt in over 2 weeks.
I have this theory that the foods with less fiber are getting clogged or something in me. I googled 'foods with little fiber' it lists the exact foods in order, like a picture perfect timeline of the most disruptive foods i was eating at the time. A very strange coincidence.