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UC Extraintestinal Symptoms but not UC?

I'm a month out from my colonoscopy, and without a Primary Care Physician for a couple more weeks as I fired my PA for his response to this - both medical and personal malfeasance.

I definitely have either IBS or IBD of some sort - including ALL of the extra-intestinal symptoms of UC - but only one flare with bloody stools and no mucus. These include uveitis, two types of skin lesions, joint pain and mild fibromyalgia lasting a couple of days after mild exercise, fatigue, and fatty liver (I'm overweight, but don't drink). I'm also an ex-smoker, a risk factor for UC.

I've had problems slowly worsening since a food poisoning incident 6 months ago - though in retrospect something has been going on for awhile. My biggest flare was in response to a round of Flagyl, the complications from which could have killed me.

My diarrhea isn't severe, mostly loose stools, 3- 5 per day, with psyllium for awhile now. I have consistent tenesmus, with or without the psyllium and frequent, but variable, narrow stools. Without the psyllium the stools are still loose, not full on diarrhea. They are not black and 'tarry' but definitely darker and oily - small quantities and IIRC about the same frequency of 3-5 per day. When I first started the psyllium some black material came out, much of it looked like maybe some sort of flake off the intestinal wall.

I'm now 50 and have been diagnosed with diverticulitis for ten years, my first adult health problem. The last colonoscopy was 3 years ago, no polyps in that one. I have been a diet controlled diabetic, but I've had to restart my meds during this same six months. My health generally has been improving, but NOT the stress. I also have right side abdominal pain, which may or may not be related - a gall stone ultrasound was negative - and where they diagnosed the fatty liver.

I have had a first round of blood tests done, but I'm not comfortable releasing specific tests that I don't understand in a public forum. I was negative for celiac disease. I've just finished a two week lactose diet and that wasn't it, though it does seem like it might be increasing gas. A FODMAP diet is in progress.

As a personal aside - I've got stress issues including a recent foreclosure and I sure don't accept a Physicians Assistant telling this medicaid recipient that it is all in his head and the patient is making up his problems.
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Hi, I'm sorry nobody has responded to you yet. You mentioned some joint pain & other issues after mild exercise, and you've also mentioned a lot of stress. What type of exercise was it that you did that caused the pain? I experience joint pains regularly as well and I have some type of arthritis in both hips, but I personally find that exercise is the best stress-relief method I have tried. I feel SO much better in so many ways when I exercise that for me, the pros far outweigh the cons. But I cannot jog, as it hurts my hip joints far too much, and even walking is sometimes very painful. Yoga and weight lifting, however, seem to help me a lot and both are excellent for stress relief. Just a thought for you - just because one form of exercise caused issues, does not mean that all exercise will be problematic for you. The healthier you can make your body (through not only exercise, but also diet, medication, supplements/vitamins, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, etc), the better you will fare generally speaking through your flares. And of course stress reduction will help your symptoms greatly as well.

I hope you're able to find a better doctor who listens and takes you seriously. Have you seen a gastroenterologist yet?
I'm mostly walking, and at near 400 pounds thats pretty good exercise - for my weight, other than the intestinal issues, I'm in very good shape.

Walking uses those various pelvic muscles that pass through the abdominal area - I **wonder** if that might be a factor, especially in an abdomen as 'crowded' as mine!