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Uceris 9mg Tablet

My Gastro has suggested that go on Uceris.... with my medicare part D Uceris would cost me $900 for 90 days or $10 per tablet [1/day]

Does anybody have any experience with Uceris?
It is costly. My husband took it for a month and he paid $75 co-pay. We have Aetna insurance. Not sure abt medicare. But this tablet helped him in stopping the rectal bleeding. He didnt bleed much after he took uceris for a month. I hope you feel better
Uceris didn't work for me and I've got a 90 day supply just collecting dust. Wish I could give it to someone who needs it. I work for NY State so it was only $10 on my insurance.
would certainly love to get that from you.... I work part time for the city/state and am on Medicare so the cost is way up there! I can send you my address if you let me know your email.... reluctant to post info on CCFA site...my email syf0@aol.com